Wednesday, March 15, 2023

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China Requests from The World: “Keep The Investment Promises Made To Africa”

Dai Bing, China’s Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations, called on developed countries to fulfill their promise of climate finance assistance to Africa as soon as possible. In his speech at the Security Council session on “Africa’s climate and security”, Dai drew attention to the need to fulfill the promise of helping Africa fight climate change and respond to the needs of the continent.

Recalling that developed countries have promised to provide climate financing assistance of $100 billion to developing countries every year, and that developed European countries have committed to increase their financial support to the poor countries of Africa by 2025, Dai said that it is important to turn these decisions into action. underlined. Dai noted that international financial institutions and climate finance platforms should also lower the financing threshold and provide access to climate change capital to Africa.

Pointing out that the proposal to accelerate the establishment of the “global clean energy cooperation partnership” was put forward at the “Global Development Initiative Friendly Group” Ministerial Meeting held by China in September, and that the execution of climate change and green development cooperation in 19 African countries was included in the first stage of the projects. He stated that China has always remained true to its promise to help Africa fight climate change.

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