Wednesday, March 22, 2023

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New Gas Move From French Oil Giant

French energy company Total officials, who met with Lebanese President Michel Aoun, stated that they will start gas exploration activities in the territorial waters of southern Lebanon as of 2023. According to the statement made by the Presidential Office, Avn received a high-level delegation from Total at the Baabda Palace.

Avn, whose views were included in the statement, noted that the gas exploration works in the 9th block in the territorial waters of the south of the country should be started immediately and on this occasion the time lost due to indirect negotiations could be compensated.

It was reported that the Total delegation also stated that a platform will be established in the territorial waters of Lebanon from the beginning of 2023 in order to carry out exploration and exploration activities.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun announced on October 13 that they had approved the final draft of the maritime border agreement with Israel after the Tel Aviv administration.

Lebanese Parliamentary Deputy Speaker Ilyas Abu Saab also stated on October 16 that the final agreement with Israel could be signed on October 26 or 27.

Maritime border dispute between Israel and Lebanon

There is a maritime dispute of about 860 square kilometers between Israel and Lebanon. Both countries claim the continental shelf of this region.

Israel claims that three of the 5 blocks where the Lebanese government began the licensing process are located in the border area of ​​the Israeli continental shelf. The Lebanese side, on the other hand, argues that the disputed area is 2,290 square kilometers. Indirect negotiations, mediated by the US, gained momentum when Israel announced on June 5, 2022 that it had completed gas exploration and extraction from the Karish Gas Field.

Israel and Lebanon received the final draft agreement from the United States as a result of the ups and downs in the last four months. Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid announced on October 11 that Israel and Lebanon had reached an agreement on the demarcation of maritime borders.

The Lebanese Presidency also announced that all the rights of Lebanon were protected in the final draft agreement sent by the United States, which is in the position of mediator in the negotiations to draw the maritime border with Israel.

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