Saturday, March 18, 2023

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Russia Will Not Blockade ‘Grain Shipment’ Statement

Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed that they have decided to return to the grain corridor agreement, which includes the removal of grain in Ukraine from the country’s ports, but warned that they may exit the agreement if the Ukrainian side violates the guarantees it has given.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has announced that it has suspended the agreement that provides for the export of grain from Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin used the following statements in his statement on the grain shipment:

“Taking into account Turkey’s neutrality in the conflict in general, the possibilities of the grain processing industry, and President Erdogan’s efforts to meet the interests of the poorest countries, we will not interfere in the future in any way with the supply of grain from the territory of Ukraine to the Republic of Turkey. At this point, we have no doubts and in any case We will continue to cooperate with the Republic of Turkey.”

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