Wednesday, March 22, 2023

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Joint Cooperation Agreement In Energy Between Germany And France

Germany and France signed a joint declaration on strengthening cooperation in the field of energy. After the meeting of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz with French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne in the capital Berlin, the signing ceremony was held at the Prime Minister’s Office. Scholz and Borne signed the joint statement here to strengthen cooperation between the two countries on providing solidarity in the field of energy.

Emphasizing that the Russia-Ukraine war has led to an unprecedented global energy crisis, it was stated that the European Union (EU), which is dependent on Russia for 40 percent in gas supply, is in a more sensitive situation in this crisis.

In the statement, it was stated that the solidarity of the EU countries to combat the energy crisis and the reactions at the European level were welcomed, and it was emphasized that Berlin and Paris would increase solidarity in the field of energy. In the statement, it was stated that Germany and France will work for the security of energy supply, and that the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) will be increased and diversified.

Among the concrete measures, the statement included that France would supply gas to Germany, and that Germany would also help France “secure its electricity supply throughout the winter”.

“The harder the period, the more important the German-France cooperation”

At the joint press conference, Prime Minister Scholz stated that the relations between Germany and France were extraordinary and rich and said, “The harder the period, the more important the cooperation between Germany and France.” used the phrase.

When asked about Iran’s nuclear activities, Scholz said that Iran’s uranium enrichment policy once again shows how important it is for Iran not to have a nuclear bomb and missiles capable of carrying it.

Stating that this is the aim of the policy pursued by the United Kingdom and the United States, as well as Germany and France in recent years, Scholz noted that they will continue to follow this policy. Stressing that the friendship between the two countries is very important, French Prime Minister Borne said, “This friendship has proven that it can withstand tests and overcome challenges.” Borne expressed that the two countries can produce solutions and take Europe forward.

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