Wednesday, March 15, 2023

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Thai Warship Has Sunk –  31 Sailors Missing

The Thai navy announced that a warship carrying more than 100 sailors sank after being caught in a storm in the Gulf of Thailand, with 31 missing. It was announced that the ship HTMAS Sukhotai sank on Sunday night after the engine room was submerged.

Authorities Announced That 75 Sailors Were Rescued.

A navy spokesperson told the BBC: “Even though it’s been more than 12 hours, our search continues.” An investigation was launched to find out why the sinking of the ship could not be prevented. Admiral Pogkrong Monthardpalin, spokesman for the Navy, said: “This is an event that has hardly been seen in our history. Especially on a ship actively used by the navy, such a thing has never happened,” he said.

It was announced that there was a short circuit in the engine room as the ship took in water, and the sailors lost control of the ship and the ship lay on its side at 22:30 local time.

The Ship Was On Patrol, 20 Kilometers Offshore.

In the tweets of the Thai Navy, there are moments when a rescue ship, which reached the area while the ship was lying on its side, was searching for survivors at sea. It was announced that the frigate HTMAS Kraburi rescued the sailors both on the sinking ship and on the lifeboats.

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